Utilizing a budget will help eliminate some of the stress you may have when it pertains to finances.

According to Help Guide, “a number of studies have demonstrated a cyclical link between financial worries and mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. Financial problems adversely impact your mental health. The stress of debt or other financial issues leaves you feeling depressed or anxious.”

Some of the issues outlined in the excerpt from Help Guide can easily be avoided or lessened if one took the necessary steps to get their finances in order. There are plenty of people living paycheck to paycheck and there are plenty who want to see some progress with their finances. Maybe you are not able to switch jobs or ask for a raise, but you can take baby steps to improve your life as well as your stress.

The first thing is to cut back on unnecessary spending and allocate the additional funds into your budget. If you were to start a challenge in which you saved $2.00 a week, in a year’s time, that is an extra $104 you can put towards your savings. If you can save more each week, give it a try. The second thing to do is to stop impulse buying. Wait 3-7 days and if the item is still available and you want it, buy it.

Try this exercise, delete unnecessary shopping apps, and unfollow some of the same stores on social media as well as any hashtags linked to that store. This will help work on any attachment you might have with a particular retailer. Before completing this task, try to write down any stores that trigger you to shop immediately.

These are just some examples of how to get a better mindset when it pertains to spending and saving money. You will not be able to successfully budget or save money without changing your current habits. The goal is to save and reduce stress so you can improve your life.

One final tip, try organizing your house and selling some of the items that you no longer use. Once you have a clear picture of the necessities, you will not feel the urge to hurry and shop. An example of this for me are cleaning supplies. Every time I shopped at my favorite retailer; I would buy several of the same items especially if it was on sale. I would sometimes experience buyer’s remorse. So, I took a step back from that way of shopping and thoroughly organized my products. Once I purged, I no longer have the urge to spend extra money on products that I might never use. This improved my stress level because I loathe clutter and my buyer’s remorse was no longer a factor. I was able to declutter, donate some unopened products and the future money I would have spent is now going towards my savings.

Do not let bad money habits keep you from enjoying your life. Learn some new habits so you can have a stress and debt free one.